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Why Silent Disco is Making a Colossal Noise

Why Silent Disco is Making a Colossal Noise

Have you heard about the newest party trend called Silent Disco? If not, get ready to be amazed and to be blown away by the reasons why people go crazy about this latest trend. Know what makes it the leading crowd favorite.

What is Silent Disco?

Silent Disco is an event wherein people listen to the music played by a DJ or a radio on wireless headphones.

What Makes Silent Disco Different?

  1. Choose your own music. In this type of party, you have a lot of options. You are no longer stuck to one DJ because you can switch between 3 diverse classifications of music. Enjoy the party while you get to choose your own music!

  2. Enjoy conversations with friends. In a conventional party that uses speaker system, you can barely hear your friends talking and you can hardly make conversation with the person next to you. However, in a silent disco, you can adjust the volume of your headphones to a degree which allows you to enjoy the party while enabling conversation with the people around you.

  3. Say goodbye to complaints. This is what makes it popular in big cities – there is no loud music to disturb the vicinity. You can enjoy your party without getting any complaints from your neighbor or from the police. You do not need to compromise your enjoyment. There is no need to turn down your volume.

  4. Get carried away. With headphones on, you will relish the music you are hearing. You will enjoy the music even more and dance all your heart out.

  5. Be different. Change is constant. That is why, replace the traditional party system. Enough of the mainstream party and experience the latest thing now.

With @ CAPACITY, you can definitely experience the fastest growing trend in the city of Chicago, Illinois. Do not get left behind by the Silent Headphones craze. Be the pioneer host of the latest party trend in your neighborhood now! Contact us at 773-221-4000 or drop by at 8543 S Stony Island Ave., Suite B Chicago, IL 60617.

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