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What is a Silent Party?

A Silent Disco is a new kind of party or club experience that uses Silent Headphones rather than relying on heavy chest pounding subwoofers. This is a completely different experience from a traditional club but it is just as fun and just as memorable when you visit @ Capacity for a mind blowing silent party!

Here are some facts about the silent party:

  • Unique:This experience is without a doubt unique! If you are looking for something that is different from what you usually do, then a silent party is the perfect answer. This kind of party is quickly becoming trendy and it very well may be the future of clubs, try it now so you can say you did it before it became cool.
  • Personalized Music: Instead of listening to music that is determined by the club or the DJ, you can listen to music that is personalized to your own tastes. This can create pretty neat situations as well. If you pay attention to the people dancing at a silent party, they will all be dancing differently according to the music they are listening to. This is a much more personalized experience.
  • Group Music: If you have a group of friends, then do not worry because you can still enjoy the silent party together! It is actually possible to listen to the same music and be synched up with your group so you can enjoy the same music and dance to the same tune as if you were at a normal club.
  • Silence: When you walk into a silent party, the first thing you will notice is the silence and bunch of people dancing to what seems like nothing. It will look strange at first but everything will make sense once you try on the headphones. The silence can also make it easier to talk to your friends because you do not have to shout at the top of your lungs.

Silent parties are amazing experiences that everyone should try at least once because you very well may fall in love with the experience! Our website www.partytocapacity.com has more information regarding silent parties and the services we are offering to you, so check us out anytime! Also, for any questions, you can contact us at 773-221-4000. Let’s party the night away!

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