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Silent Discos and How They Benefit Memory Loss Sufferers

Silent Discos and How They Benefit Memory Loss Sufferers

It’s actually quite amazing when you think of silent discos, you usually imagine young people donning their headphones, dancing with abandon to hard-core techno at festivals or music events. These days, however, memory loss sufferers such as dementia patients are benefiting from this unique musical experience in so many ways.

In some prominent countries, silent parties are actually being used, to great effect, as a means of therapy for patients afflicted by chronic memory loss. The method works by slowly transporting individuals suffering from diseases such as dementia, into an alternate reality where they can experience peace and calmness in their situation.

With some of the common effects of dementia like frustration or nervous excitement, a session of silent partying will really work wonders. After such an experience, patients will start to feel settled, with their behavioral issues being significantly reduced for the remainder of the day.

Some truly amazing, albeit temporary, results after every silent partying session are as follows:

  • Patients come out of their classes feeling happy and confident, wearing bright smiles for the rest of the day.
  • Patients are able to talk coherently without any difficulties.
  • Patients gain entry to pathways in their brain that usually aren’t accessible due to their condition.

It all comes down to the power of Silent Headphones which encourage participation and enjoyment to each patient and ensure an immerse musical experience. Along with a DJ, who is the group facilitator, participants are subjected to an atmosphere that reduces the distractions brought about by their disease and allows them to focus all their attention on the music.

Introducing the concept of quite parties into the world of healthcare and medicine has yielded remarkable results thus far. Dementia patients, who usually have difficulty listening and following instructions or feeling peace and happiness, are now able to exhibit signs exactly the opposite of these effects.

Research has shown the incredible power of music when it comes to bringing back memories of a distant time and place for sufferers of dementia. Even though such thoughts may only last a moment, every effort to help a loved one experience them is truly worth it.

Bring a Silent Disco into your home for the benefit of those closest to you who are afflicted by dementia and other forms of memory loss. Create an experience that brings these people to their happy place and ensures them a better quality of life.

For well-executed quiet parties that are structured around your loved one’s needs, feel free to get in touch with @ CAPACITY at 773-221-4000. You may also text “CAPACITY” to 555-888 for inquiries.

Know more about silent discos by checking out our website at www.partytocapacity.com.


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