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Silent Disco: Enjoy Every Party on Your Own Terms

Silent Disco: Enjoy Every Party on Your Own Terms

Heard of silent disco yet? No?

We can’t believe you’ve been missing out on this revolutionary experience all this time!

Partying in a sea of people is not for everyone, introverts can attest to that. The noises mixed together can be too distracting. You can’t have a proper conversation without having to scream at the top of your lungs. But, Silent Disco brings a difference. It offers you the freedom of choice.

It’s a type of experience where the music flows through your soul and allows you to communicate with everyone else around you.

Basically, it’s a party where everyone is wearing special headphones. These headphones are wirelessly connected to not just one, but three DJs playing up front. These guys aren’t taking turns to play or are working on the same mix either. Each of them is playing their own tracks at the same time!

The Silent Headphones has a set of controls on it. By fiddling with the buttons, you get to choose which DJ to listen to. The lights serve as a channel indicator. Up on stage, you see the red, blue, and green DJ battling it out to see who can win the heart of the crowd.

Everyone can switch from one channel to another at any part of a song and adjust the volume of the music at the same time! You’re at liberty to skip to the next beat and find something else you can jam to.

But is silent disco truly silent? When you take off your headphones, you can hear what sounds of excited chatter, the shuffling of feet, and some funny off-key singing mixed up lyrics from multiple songs. You take all those together and multiply it by ten or more. That’s what silent disco really sounds like.

Having a conversation isn’t so difficult either. Without the blasting music pummeling your eardrums, you can speak at a more comfortable volume.

However, when you put the headphones back on, the party resumes! Even if you need to go to the bathroom to take a quick bladder break. You can enjoy the music in its pure unadulterated form. Feel the bass drop with every fiber of your being and hear the treble pitch with crystal clarity. We’re telling you, silent disco is an experience you will not want to miss in your life!

If you’ve decided you’d like to try this concept with your next event, you can reach out to @ CAPACITY. We can assure you that the silent headphones we provide are in top condition, clean, and fully charged to ride out through the entire party!

The playlist isn’t limited to DJs either. You can connect one channel to an mp3 player or even a movie! The possibilities are absolutely endless. Give us a call at 773-221-4000 and we’ll help you set things up.

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