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Silent Disco as Mother’s Day Celebration


Mother’s Day is fast approaching! Do you have plans for another grand celebration? Celebrate Mother’s Day in another exciting way! You can introduce to your whole family, friends and other loved ones a new kind of innovation when it comes to holding parties and events. Have you ever heard of the silent disco? Here are some things you need to know about Silent Disco:

Equipment used

In a silent disco, there are only a few things needed. Headphones and transmitters are the most important pieces of equipment for a silent disco. In order to experience silent disco, you should wear headphones along with your other guests and listen to whatever plays through them.


Silent disco is not only exciting because it is a new innovation in sound technology. It is also beneficial for those who organize parties and events. In addition to that, silent disco is best recommended when the event is held in a place where noise ordinances exist. Or if you would like to have fun without disturbing someone else (like neighboring homes and buildings), you can always rely on the silent disco technology for a continuous and delightful experience.


When you wear headphones at a silent disco party, you get to control the volume or the intensity of the music playing. Or you can take it off when you want to converse with someone. You can also switch through channels.

Rock the Silent Party! With the help of @Capacity, you and your loved ones will find a new way to party this Mother’s Day. Your mother will definitely appreciate your efforts as you play her favorite tracks through the headphones and pieces of equipment we provide. Contact us at 773-221-4000 for more details about our party services!

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