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Setting Up Your Own Silent Disco

Setting Up Your Own Silent Disco

Planning on hosting an amazing party? Why not give Silent Disco a try? @ Capacity can provide you with the equipment you need to make sure you are able to throw the best party ever. The amazing part is that, with the use of our Silent Headphones, you will not have to worry about disturbing anyone or having the police called on you because of too much noise. Here are some things that you will want to keep in mind of though:

  1. The DJ: Our headphones can accept three different channels. This means that if you have three different DJ’s, your guests can switch through each channel and listen to the different music. However, just because we offer three channels, it does not mean you need three DJ’s. You can have one DJ and have the other channels play recorded music or any other list of possibilities. However, if you want your guests to dance together to the same music, having one DJ is the way to go.

  2. The Batteries: You do not have to worry about the headphones running out of batteries. They typically last around ten to twelve hours of constantly playing.

  3. The Quantity: If you plan on hosting a silent disco event at your home or any other venue, it is important to know that our minimum quantity for rentals is one hundred units. The price will also decrease with the more units you rent out. This is a great solution to a big party and you will find that our prices are more affordable than setting up a large audio system.

  4. Other Equipment: In order to use our headphones, you will need to have the standard equipment that a DJ would normally bring, such as a laptop or mp3 player. We will then make sure it is properly connected to our headphones.

It is not difficult to start your own silent party and with our help, we can assist you to not only throw together an event that your guests will definitely have fun at, but an event that is out of the ordinary! If you would like to host something out of the box today, please check out our website www.partytocapacity.com or give us a call at 773-221-4000. It is time for the party of your life!

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