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Venue Owners

At Capacity Entertainment Group | Avalon Park, Chicago, IL

Venue Owners

office roomIs your venue not filled to its full capacity? Did you close temporarily to do some remodeling, now you want the crowds back? Maybe you have new competition in your area and you’re looking for a way to capture the attention from potential patrons.

Let @ CAPACITY Entertainment Group help create a solution for you. Whether it’s a one-time event or an ongoing engagement, we can find a way to drive people to your location. Look below to see examples of some solutions we offer. Give Silent Disco a try and watch the crowd pour into your dance floor.

  • events


    We can custom design events based on your needs, the space available, and the type of crowd you want to attract.

    Take advantage of your full potential, bars,restaurants, night clubs, lounges, art galleries banquet halls, etc. Let us create a event just for you, a regularly scheduled event. This event can compliment your establishment and bring a new crowd to your business or keep your regulars entertained.
  • signature


    Kick your venue up a notch. Then kick it up a few more notches because that what happens when you host our signature events.

    Our Signature events are the pinnacle of our group. We sometimes partner with venues to host these events, this is mutually beneficial. We host an Awesome event in an ever changing space, and the venue gets to introduce our loyal following to their awesome space.
  • promotions


    Let our promotion team spread the word about your venue or your next event. See the potential of our loyal following.

    What’s the difference between a house and a home? The people inside. The same is true for a business, you have overhead expenses, whether there is a line outside your door or there is no one in sight. A business is an investment ask us how we can help your business reach it’s full capacity.
  • coordination


    Feel free to try your hand at event planning, or hiring and booking celebrity talents. When you’ve had enough give us a call!

    We have experience planning events, booking personalities for appearances, and celebrities for performances. We have a network of contacts that we have built relationships with by working together. Let us handle this task for you, we can get it right the first time. Saving you time, money, and energy.
  • added value


    Look beyond the obvious. Venue owners, there is hidden value in event hosting it will be well worth it.

    When you host an event at your establishment, whether it’s a one time engagement or a recurring event you will soon begin unlocking your un-tapped potential. People search for your address, people visit your website, and once inside guests will flood the internet with posts and pictures online.
  • referrals


    Word-of-mouth can get you far…. We partner with a variety of industry professionals maybe you can benefit from our connections.

    Are you a event planner/coordinator looking for venues that are willing to host events? Maybe you are a venue owner interested in hosting events for groups. Either way we have solutions that may meet your needs, we can steer business and opportunities your way.