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Signature Events

At Capacity Entertainment Group | Avalon Park, Chicago, IL

Signature Events

At Capacity Entertainment Group organizes Signature Events. These events are recurring, usually on a annual basis. We consider these events are our Flagship events. We go above and beyond to make sure these events are a complete success. We look forward to coordinating and planning these events as much you will look forward to attending them.

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    All At CAPACITY Signature Events are approved events, we handle every aspect from beginning to end.

    When we create a Signature Event, we plan, create, and execute the event from beginning to end. This gives us the ability to deliver an event for all to enjoy, because our events adapt to our following. Attend our Signature Events with confidence knowing that we’ve got everything covered!
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    Our Signature Events Are recurring, we will deliver time and time again, you will know what to expect.

    When you plan to attend an event you are making a decision that has costs associated with it, your time, money, and energy are all on the line. We aim to please, our Signature Events are perfect for you because you won’t be disappointed we consistently deliver.
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    Gathering people together is what we do, even more so when Signature Events are involved.

    At our Signature Events we engage the audience, we give info to the attendees and expect to get plenty back. Since these events are recurring and constantly changing we appreciate all the feedback we can get, it helps us to deliver an improved experience the next time. Expect all Signature Events to improve year after year.
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    There is unbelievable value in every one of our Signature Events, but don’t take our word on it….

    Our Signature Events are our flagship events, these events display our true talents. Our name and our brand is are the line, it’s a chance for us to reward our loyal following for showing us support throughout the year. We go above and beyond to execute these events, but we keep them reasonably priced.
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    Anticipation builds!!! These events are memorable for everyone involved, you will enjoy being caught up in the excitement.

    Of the many reasons to attend our Signature Events, none are more simple and self-explanatory than the pure excitement involved. Feel free to snap, post, tweet, and let your friends and family know that this an event you will not want to miss. Don’t get caught on the sideline, jump right in.
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    Signature events are planned in the future, any changes made will be minor, this gives you flexibility to plan ahead.

    You can count on us to deliver a great time at our Signature Events, the date and location is set in stone. This gives you flexibility, whether its your work schedule, vacationing, or even if you have to make travel plans you can do it in advance. Always check our site or visit us on social media to keep up with our calendar.