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Festival Coordinators

At Capacity Entertainment Group | Avalon Park, Chicago, IL

Festival Coordinators

We all love and enjoy attending festivals, concerts, expos, and large events. We at @ CAPACITY believe that there is always room for improvement. We can work with you to create and initiate a event that is recurring and adapting to the changing times. We can also take on the challenge of incorporating new fresh ideas, to a pre-existing festival by adding variety and innovation to your event, while leaving your heavily anticipated customs in place.

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    Ask us about setting up a Silent Disco or Silent Party at your festival!

    If you are a festival coordinator or you take part in making arrangements for one, consider incorporating Silent Disco equipment into your function. Indoors or outdoors large crowds are great for Silent Disco equipment, offer your guests a bit of variety. Use this as an added bonus to a pre-existing festival or create an all new Silent Disco festival.
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    Promoting a festival can be tedious and involving to say the least, see how we can help ease the burden.

    Festival coordinators face unique challenges when dealing with the promotion of their event. You have to promote a festival across different cities and get that information in the hands of people from all different walks of life. We have the network to get the word out, let us compliment your efforts. Trust our team to give your promo efforts a boost.
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    We do our own design work. No job is too big or too small, let a company that understands the needs of the industry design your next project.

    We design our own media, whether digital or print we can get the job done. Flyers, invitations, brochures, you name it. This can be important when you a company with local expertise. We can do the entire project from start to finish or just a portion. And don’t forget about our promotion service when you need your materials dispersed.
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    Having trouble securing talent for your festival, need to know what the locals are currently into? We are in tune with the local celebrities.

    You probably have your entertainment line-up ready to go! But think twice about our offerings. We can add celebrity DJ’s and integrate a silent party in the mix. Or maybe you need to add some variety by having more opening acts. For comedians, MC’s, performers, and more. Contact At Capacity!
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    There is sure to be tons of planning involved when coordinating a festival, we can take some of the load off your hands. There are many ways we can help.

    At Capacity entertainment group takes pride in being a full service entertainment company. We can take a portion of the planning and development off your hands or handle the whole the whole thing from start to finish. Don’t trust just anyone with one of the most important aspects of your festival leave it to the experts.
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