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At Capacity Entertainment Group | Avalon Park, Chicago, IL

Events and Parties

partyThere are a few ways you can party with At Capacity Entertainment Group. We partner with groups, individuals, sponsors, media outlets, vendors, and venues to deliver events to you. The events that are open to the public can be attended by anyone who fits into the criteria, for instance there may be an age restriction; such as 21 and older.

Some events that we participate in are “Approved” by At Capacity, this means we have checked into every aspect of the event from secure ticket sales to safe parking. We know exactly what our guests expect from us. If an event is not “Approved” by At Capacity it doesn’t mean the event won’t be a success or you won’t enjoy yourself if you attend. This simply means At Capacity was not in a position to review all aspects of the event. For example, if a venue rents silent disco equipment from us you will likely see signage that bears our name and branding at that event. However, we are not in a position to investigate every aspect of the event, as the venue itself is a client, not a partner.

We also produce Signature Events. These events are the recurring staples of our brand. We not only strive to pull off an awesome event, this is an opportunity for us to give our base following a reward for staying loyal. We pullout all stops and show off our talents and everyone is invited. Whether it’s a “Halloween Monster’s Ball” or our “Summer Launch Party” attend with confidence knowing that you are in for a great time.