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Approved Events

At Capacity Entertainment Group | Avalon Park, Chicago, IL

Approved Events

When you see the @ CAPACITY symbol of approval, you can count on having a safe, fun entertaining time.
Scroll below to see how we stand behind our symbol and what it means to you!

  • Approved


    When you see our symbol, it is not to be taken lightly. We do the vetting for you, attend with confidence.

    Before we approve an event we make sure every aspect of the event meets our standards. At times we partner with other organizations to deliver an event everyone can enjoy, however we won’t approve events that do not meet our standards.
  • Quality Check


    Identity theft and fraudulent charges are no way to party at capacity, keep your money where it belongs.

    At Capacity Entertainment Group has criteria that needs to be met before events are approved. This is just one step in the overall approval process. You will come to appreciate our diligence and hard work as you attend approved events and experience their flawless execution.
  • E-Card


    Identity theft and fraudulent charges are no way to party at capacity, keep your money where it belongs.

    Whether in-person or online you can rest assure any charges will performed by trusted source. We will never directly request your personal information. Also, we will never request a payment through wire transfers, Western Union, Money Gram, etc. The same is true for approved events.
  • Security


    Not everyone who attends an event is coming to have a good time, in today’s world there are people filled with hate and disdain.

    Your safety is paramount to us, we assess factors like security personnel, entrance/egress, outdoor lighting, parking locations, and access to public transportation. We do our part to keep you safe however, we always encourage guests to travel in pairs or groups as an extra measure.
  • Accountability


    We only approve events organized by actual companies, this means you will have a legal entity to address your concerns.

    Ever been to an event where the celebrity was a no-show? How about a caterer not disclosing allergens? @ CAPACITY can’t make everything perfect. However, you will know who to hold accountable because we don’t approve events organized by individuals or un-licensed organizations.
  • Customer Service


    You could’ve partied any where in the world, but you chose At Capacity. That means a great deal to us.

    Customer service is an after thought in the entertainment industry, rude security guards forcing patrons to stand in long lines seems to be the gold standard. If you are unhappy with the service you received at an approved event, contact us. We will make it right.