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It is Time to Try a New Kind of Party!


Are you planning on throwing a party but you want to mix things up a bit? You may want to try a Silent Party. A silent party is like most parties. You have your guests, some booze, good food, a great atmosphere, but there will be one thing different. It will be silent.

Yes, that’s right. A party without the noise!

@ Capacity offers a Silent Disco experience where you can enjoy your own music with a pair of headphones. This allows you to dance to the kind of music you want!

  1. Silent Parties

    Silent parties give people the chance to party the night away without having to make a ruckus! This means that people who are not interested in dancing can mingle without having to shout, while the people who are interested in dancing can blast music as loud as they want without disturbing the people around them. This can be an odd experience at first, but eventually, it will feel just like any other party! We can even throw in some lights and other effects to sell the disco atmosphere to everyone out enjoying the night.

  2. Events

    We can offer our silent party services for just about any kind of event you want – even at weddings! If you want to be unique or do something different, allow us to provide the perfect solution for you. All you will need to do is inform us of the number of guests that are expected to come and the kind of event you are planning. We will then sort out everything for you and make sure that all of your guests will have the time of their lives.

For more information regarding our silent parties and why they are such an amazing way to spend a night, come and check out our website: www.partytocapacity.com

Our website contains everything you need to know about silent discos and parties and what you can expect. If you have questions that you are planning on asking us, just call us now at 773-221-4000. Enjoy something different this summer!

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