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Have a Silent Disco Wedding


Many couples have decided to opt out of traditional and conventional wedding celebrations. Since it is their important day, they want their family and friends to remember it for a long time as well. Everything should be memorable and enjoyable. One of the trickiest decisions when planning a wedding party is the music; whether you should go hire a band or a DJ. How about hiring a silent disco instead? Yes, that’s right. A silent party is now an option for your wedding reception.

What exactly is a silent disco party? Basically, it’s like a normal disco with a DJ playing the music but instead of having blaring speakers emitting oftentimes too loud music, you hear the music through wireless headphones given to you. It may seem bizarre but trust us, it is definitely something you would want to experience.

Now back to weddings with silent disco. Yes, it is unconventional, and that’s what makes it great! Let us give you a few reasons to help you consider having a silent disco at your wedding:

  1. Fun for Everyone – Guests of all ages at your reception will definitely enjoy this option. Using silent headphones, each guest has the option to select the music they want to dance to. Even grandma and grandpa can slow dance while the younger ones are getting their grooves on the dance floor.
  2. No Noise Restriction – As there will be no loud music during your special day, you have the option to select any location even if it has certain noise restrictions. You can even extend the partying later as there will be no loud music to keep other people up and awake.
  3. >Better Sound Quality – Since you will be hearing the music directly, you are guaranteed that the quality and clarity of the music will be outstanding. You don’t need any big equipment to be ensured of great music.
  4. More Music Choices – As there are different channels on your headphone, you and your guest will have more choices. Even if your guests have different preferences, they will still be able to enjoy your reception with the music selection.
  5. No Shouting – With the music being heard individually, those who aren’t busting a move can have a quiet and pleasant conversation at their tables. Even if you are on the dance floor but still want to converse, you can simply turn down the volume of your headphones. You won’t have to worry about disrupting the rest of the party by yelling or screaming try to make conversation.
  6. Something Different and New – Most couples want their wedding day to stand out and be memorable. This is definitely the right way to go. Silent disco parties are quickly becoming popular and more people are trying it out. You absolutely want to be the couple who threw a great and unique wedding reception.
  7. Absolutely Entertaining – Aside from the great music choices, you will be entertained with your guest on the dance floor. It’s bound to get exciting and funny watching your guest dance to different beats without any loud music. It’ll be hilarious hearing them sing out loud to different music and maybe mess up a few lyrics while they’re at it.

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event and you want it to be a lifetime memory. Let us at @ CAPACITY be a part of your special day. Aside from making it a fun reception, we guarantee to make it memorable. For more information about silent disco parties and our services, feel free to visit our website www.partytocapacity.com or call us at 773-221-4000. We promise to make your wedding day the talk of the town, in a good way.

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