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Everything You Need to Know About Silent Discos

Everything You Need to Know About Silent Discos

Silent discos, also known as quiet parties, are basically a one-of-a-kind live music experience that either involves a DJ or a live band. Participants don wireless headphones to transform the quiet atmosphere into an energized, personalized musical performance. It’s a different take on partying that’s been getting all the rage these days and doesn’t seem to be stopped anytime soon. In fact, what makes it so addictive and fun despite its initial strangeness, is that it allows you to enjoy the kind of music you prefer in an individualized sort of way that is perhaps unlike any of the ways you’ve experienced music before.

Once the Silent Headphones are in place, you can begin the surreal music experience with consistently crisp sounds no matter where you happen to be situated in the venue. It doesn’t matter if you’re way out back; whether you’re near the restroom or at the front, the sound is going to be as clear as ever for the entire duration of the event.

How are you able to communicate with other guests during these parties?

Unlike a traditional party, the atmosphere of a silent disco is actually a lot more conducive to making conversation with your friends and other event participants. There’s going to be no booming music you’d need to be screaming and losing your voice over when trying to talk to someone. All it takes is for you to slide off your specialized headphones partially or entirely to begin chatting freely. If you’re a frequent partygoer, attending these events would greatly reduce your chances of significantly losing your hearing by the time you reach your fifties. While your headphones are off, take the opportunity to observe and be fascinated by the atmosphere around you where people are enjoying the music in abandon. In a way, it also adds a bit of humor into the situation – watching people dance in the absence of music.

What are your options?

Headphones meant for silent parties, depending on the model, actually allow you 2 or perhaps even 3 channels. This basically provides 2 or 3 separate frequencies to choose from based on your preference, mood, or the kind of music you simply feel like dancing to. People listen to music differently, others prefer theirs not too loud while some like it at full volume. However you want to experience music, a Silent Disco can make that happen in more ways than one.

What about noise? There is really no such thing.

Back in the day, holding parties or events would mean taking into consideration the noise restrictions, as well as amplified sound ordinances so as not to disturb those who are going about their daily lives around the area. You’ll have a much easier time choosing a location for these events, at times, even being able to hold them anywhere your musical heart wishes.

@ CAPACITY, from our name itself, allows you to party at capacity with the highest form of musical freedom. We create and execute events to perfection, helping you entertain your guests in the best possible way. Looking to turn your next party into a silent one? Get in touch with us now at 773-221-4000. You can also text “CAPACITY” to 555-888 for further inquiries.

Silencing your parties is definitely the next big thing!

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