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Dancing To Your Own Beat – Literally


Have you ever heard of a Silent Disco? Most people haven’t. This is a disco like most others, where the people of the night gather to dance until morning. However, this kind of disco is a bit different than you would expect it to be. When you walk through the doors of an event with @ Capacity, it will seem like a normal disco. You got your young folks dancing, you got drinks, a nice atmosphere, and a place to release some stress, but you notice something is off. People are dancing but there is no music! How is this possible?

  1. Where is the Music?

    A silent disco is a disco where, instead of having loud bass thumping music, you are given a pair of Silent Headphones. This allows you to listen to your own music and to dance to your own beat. Everyone will be dancing to different kinds of music that meet their moods. This is pretty unique and it is becoming quite trendy. Some will say that nothing can beat the atmosphere of a loud bass thumping away at midnight, but going to a silent disco is a pretty amazing experience that you need to try at least once.

  2. The Future of Disco

    Is this the future of disco? Probably not, but it will no doubt be a very popular thing for youngsters and night owls to do on the weekend. You can enjoy the serene yet exciting experience that only @ Capacity can provide. At first, it can seem like something straight out of a twisted story, seeing people dance without music and just wearing headphones. But once you put on your own pair, everything will begin to make sense as you start dancing to the beat of the music blasting into your ears.

Are you intrigued by this new kind of disco? Want to try this new kind of party experience? Just come by and check out our website at www.partytocapacity.com. Here you can learn more about silent disco and find out what it truly is about. If you want to ask us any questions, we would love to answer them for you. Just give us a call at 773-221-4000. Party your summer nights with us!

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