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Category Archives: Silent Disco

Silent Parties: A Unique Way to Get Your Party On

Those who say partying isn’t for everybody might just change their minds as soon as they step into the realm of silent parties. Unlike a traditional party, a silent one basically requires partygoers to put on a pair of headphones as a way to disengage from the outside world and allow themselves to focus solely … Continue reading

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Dancing To Your Own Beat – Literally

Have you ever heard of a Silent Disco? Most people haven’t. This is a disco like most others, where the people of the night gather to dance until morning. However, this kind of disco is a bit different than you would expect it to be. When you walk through the doors of an event with … Continue reading

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Have a Silent Disco Wedding

Many couples have decided to opt out of traditional and conventional wedding celebrations. Since it is their important day, they want their family and friends to remember it for a long time as well. Everything should be memorable and enjoyable. One of the trickiest decisions when planning a wedding party is the music; whether you … Continue reading

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Party Hard but Not Loud

Do you feel that the party scene no longer has anything new and exciting to offer? Maybe you’re feeling out of it or are just bored of the usual party scene. Well, a revolution in the party scene is coming. It’s fun and innovative; it’s silent disco! Yes, there is such a thing as a … Continue reading

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Silent Disco as Mother’s Day Celebration

Mother’s Day is fast approaching! Do you have plans for another grand celebration? Celebrate Mother’s Day in another exciting way! You can introduce to your whole family, friends and other loved ones a new kind of innovation when it comes to holding parties and events. Have you ever heard of the silent disco? Here are … Continue reading

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How to Deal With Neighbours Who Hate Noise

Are you new to the neighborhood? Or do you have neighbors who requested you to minimize your music or your voices? Neighbors who hate noise are somewhat inevitable. And if you’re the type of person who loves music, parties or gatherings with your loved ones, this might pose as a big problem for you. How … Continue reading

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