Why Silent Disco is Making a Colossal Noise

Have you heard about the newest party trend called Silent Disco? If not, get ready to be amazed and to be blown away by the reasons why people go crazy about this latest trend. Know what makes it the leading crowd favorite. What is Silent Disco? Silent Disco is an event wherein people listen to … Continue reading

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5 Essential Elements of a Great Party

Entertainment is part of life. It is always there wherever we go whether in birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, senior proms, and other occasions. So, to give your guests a splendid time, it is imperative to know the essential elements of a great party. When throwing a party, you have to give it your all. If … Continue reading

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4 Things to Always Do After a Party

Going to a party can be a sweet escape from the stress that the week brought on to you. Being in a place where all the people are just looking for a great time is infectious and soon enough, you’ll find yourself dancing and belting out the lyrics to whatever song comes on. Even if … Continue reading

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5 Tips That Can Make a Party an Awesome One

You’ve spent weeks, maybe days, planning it. You’ve already bought food and drinks that can last for the duration of the event. You’ve invited friends on Facebook days ago. Planning a party can be an exciting experience. You want to make sure that everyone has a good time and everyone will remember how a good … Continue reading

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What is a Silent Party?

A Silent Disco is a new kind of party or club experience that uses Silent Headphones rather than relying on heavy chest pounding subwoofers. This is a completely different experience from a traditional club but it is just as fun and just as memorable when you visit @ Capacity for a mind blowing silent party! … Continue reading

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