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5 Regular Activities You Can Spice Up With Silent Disco

5 Regular Activities You Can Spice Up With Silent Disco
Are you wearing headphones right now? Maybe that guy across you is. It’s not surprising, these audio devices have become pretty popular in our society.

When you go on a jog in the morning, or whether you’re commuting to work—there’s always someone wearing earphones or headphones. You’re probably even just as guilty, yourself.

Headphones magically envelop you with the power of music. The track of your choice plays without distractions of everyday life. Imagine if you can take that feeling into a party.

Well, you needn’t look further, because Silent Disco is the type of party to bring you just that.

With Silent Headphones, you can switch through different audio sources simultaneously and adjust the volume for comfortable listening too!

Check out these events you can explore with the concept of a silent party:

  • House Warming Party

    So you got a new house, congratulations! Now it’s time to celebrate your life’s achievements. Doesn’t have to be something fancy, just put some food together and spend the night partying with friends and family.

    Problem is, the place you currently live in doesn’t seem to like music getting blasted through the entire neighborhood. Well worry no more, silent disco has your woes covered.

  • Wedding Receptions and Family Reunions

    Hotel, resort, garden, beach, or wherever the venue may be; your guests are sure to enjoy the party.

    A lot of people attend these events, ranging from children to the elderly. Some enjoy louder music more than others, or prefer a specific type of tune to listen to.

    No need to compromise your track list. Play party beats for the younger guests while playing some classical music or jazz for the elderly to enjoy. You can even use the third channel to broadcast the audio of your video montage!

  • Bachelor / Bachelorette Party

    Surprise your friend with a fully equipped party in their apartment! Prevent the neighbors from popping the party by opting for silent disco. No need to turn the music down! Keep the party up till sunrise without keeping the neighbors awake.

  • Office Party

    Who says that party can’t be brought to the office? With silent disco, you and your workmates can enjoy a departmental function or hold a surprise birthday party for your boss without disrupting the whole floor.

    The area doesn’t have to big that big either. Just fix up a conference room and set up your music of choice. Then, voila! Let loose and become party animals until the shift ends.

  • Coming of Age / Birthday Party

    No need for a fancy reception to make a party rock. Give your friend or family an opportunity to enjoy a live, high energy party in their own backyard, or by the poolside without the hassle of being called out for making too much noise.

@ CAPACITY will bring the full party experience to you with silent disco, no matter where you are. Give us a call at 773-221-4000.

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